Monday, January 27, 2003

Here it is Monday again. My how time flies. You know, how when you're little, and the summer seems to last forever, right up until just after July 4th, then all of a sudden, you blink your eyes and you're back in school? That seems to be how my weeks go now. REALLY slow until Wednesday afternoon, then bam! Friday! I guess there is only one day between, but days are supposed to last 24 hours anyway, and Thursday always seems squished somehow.
I don't really have anything to talk about today. The week hasn't progressed enough for me to have bright ideas and wise observations.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Windy day.
God, it's snowing outside. I dug my car out this morning, only to find that it was frozen shut. So out came the crowbar, and away went a couple chips of paint, but at least I got in. Unlocked the frozen mystery of my Geo. Yup, geo. Actually really great in winter unless you get high-centered, like my Shih-tzu when she had to go out and pee in tall grass. Tickles the belly, see.
So, I'm thinking about consuming. You know how your prandparents always talk about how things aren't made the way they used to be? They're right. And we still buy it all. Little useless plastic bits we call toys, metal boxes of fire hazard gamely called toasters, drip coffee makers that make the coffee taste like archaeology class.
I still have the pots and pans that my mom long ago relegated to the camper's cupboards, which she then transferred to me when I went off to college. These multi-colored tin warmer-uppers are still better than any pot or pan that's on the market. They heat up fast, they cook fast, and they don't burn stuff if you just stir once in a while. I like that, myself being a past master of burning water on the stovetop.
I think, that in all our keeping up, we have bowed down to the makers of trash by saying, "Why yes! We want that new doll or barbeque or nightstand so much that we're going to buy even the crappiest version of such just to have it. We don't care if it breaks in two days, or if it's made of wood-colored glue, and heck, we'll pay a lot of money, no matter how badly it's made!" I'm guessing that if we all just stopped buying the crappy stuff, the companies that make this dross would realize (through shrinking profits, since that seems to be the only motivating factor ever to cross anyone's mind) that maybe we are demanding better stuff, made to last, and that if they just make things well the first time, we would all be happy to buy them. They make the better stuff, we buy the better stuff, we tell our friends in other parts of the world about the better stuff our country makes, everyone wants our stuff, we all make more money. How in the world has France maintained its status as the superior wine-making country in the world if not by virtue of the very product, which is superior to most wines out there?
I'm not done with this, but I have to go back to work, since my lunch hour has faded to naught but a memory.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Okay, yeah, so this is my very first posting, and boy, do I have nothing to say! Hmm...I had so much before I made this thing, and now look at me, shaky typing fingers, blank brain, sitting here staring at the monitor with a dumb look on my face. I guess this will have to do, and I certainly hope I come up with something at least a tiny bit more informative, or entertaining, or really even succint would suffice.
Oh, by the way, I kind of am a crazy cat lady, but am only in love with one cat, named Isabelle, Queen of Destruction (whom I usually just refer to as "my cat.") And I don't actually go nuts over my cat, but we are very close, like mommy and kitty (sick, huh?), and I do have a lot of goofy stories about her.
Well, I suppose I will come up with some brilliant commentary or philosophy or argument for macrobiotics or something about 2am, and I will have to write it down to post here when I get in to work, but until then, I'm toast.